Code of Ethics


I will become familiar with, and abide by, the rules of the American Kennel Club,the
AKC standard of my breed(s),and the Constitution and By-Laws of the 
Pocono Mountain Kennel Club.

I shall not engage in the wholesaling of litters or the selling of stock to such places
as pet dealers, catalogue houses or other commercial sources of distribution.
Nor shall I engage in over-breeding my own bitches with no regard for quality.

I will seek to do selective breeding by using stud or matron so as to reduce faults to
a minimum and to secure in the puppies a better type and quality. Dogs offered 
at public stud shall be used only on purebred registrable bitches of the same breed.

All puppies and adults shall be sold in a clean and healthy condition and shall be old 
enough to make the necessary adjustment to a new home safely. No adult or puppy 
shall be sold without adequate protection against disease.

I will make available to the purchaser of the dog appropriate information as to
ensure that he is educated to properly care for the health and security of the dog.

I will fully disclose any physical problems known to me with regards to a dog and if
in selling  a dog I guarantee to the purchaser that the dog is free from certain problems,
I will fully honor my guarantee.

I shall not speak or write maliciously of another member nor seek to impair the
reputation, for my own benefit, of another member by reference to quality or
breeding stock or other kennel matters.

I will gauge my actions on the basis of the best interests of the club and of the
dog fancy for the  present and the future.

In the event of a complaint lodged against me with the Pocono Mountain Kennel
Club, I agree to extend my cooperation in the resolution of said complaint